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Long Term Care Insurance


When you’re under long-term care, whether it’s at an outside facility or in your own home, you want to know that your finances are protected. Long-Term Care Insurance allows you to transfer some of the financial risk of these costs to the insurance company so that you can protect yourself.

Policy Features
• Payment Method: Pays benefit amount directly to you, not to the care provider, regardless of the cost of your care; provides you with more flexibility in the use of this money; and there are no bills or receipts to submit.
• Coverage Reduction Option: Gives you the right to reduce coverage and lower the premium on your policy by reducing the maximum benefit amount or reducing the daily benefit amount.
• Tax-Qualified: This policy is intended to be federally tax-qualified. • Waiver of Premium: Waives your premium while you are receiving benefits.
• Guaranteed Renewable: As long as you pay your premiums within 65 days of the due date, the policy cannot be canceled. Premiums are based on your age at the time you purchase the policy and the benefits you choose. Premiums may change, but only if we change the premium rates for everyone in that rate class. Coverages cease when your maximum lifetime benefits have been paid.
• No Exclusions Due to Pre-Existing Conditions: Once you have been accepted and your policy has been issued, there are no restrictions or exclusions due to preexisting conditions.
• 30-day Free Look: Gives you up to 30 days to review your coverage after the policy has been issued. If the policy is not satisfactory for any reason, simply return it and we will refund the premium you paid.
• Premium Payment Options: Annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly.

(Maximum policy discount is 25%)
• 20% Preferred Discount: Applied if your health meets our underwriting criteria.
• 20% Spousal Discount: Applied when coverage is issued at the same time for spouses residing in the same household.

That's why The Crestwood Agency | Insurance emphasizes setting up an insurance policy tailored specifically to your needs.

Our policy review will focus on 3 important aspects of your Long Term Care Insurance policy:

1) Selecting coverage appropriate for your needs.

2) Individual & Family financial protection.

3) Peace of mind.

Contact Owner / Agent Jenny Noe for a Personalized Quote Today!


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