No-Fault Insurance Doesn't Mean You're Not At Fault.

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Kentucky is a no-fault state, but what exactly does that mean?

No-fault insurance is listed on your policy as Personal Injury Protection, otherwise known as PIP. If you live in the state of Kentucky, $10,000 in PIP coverage is automatically added to your insurance policy.

Most people have PIP coverage for $10,000 but you can add additional coverage for additional premium.

If you're in an accident in the state of Kentucky, YOUR PIP coverage will pay out (to the extent necessary but within your policy limitations) regardless of who was at fault, which is why it's called no-fault insurance. PIP covers personal injury, medical expenses and lost wages.

The benefits of living in a state that is no-fault is that victims of car accidents can receive insurance benefits as quickly as possible.

$10,000 in PIP coverage is mandatory on all vehicles in Kentucky with the exception of motorcycles. PIP coverage on motorcycles can be waved.

PIP coverage was enacted in Kentucky in 1975.

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Jenny Noe

Agent / Owner

The Crestwood Agency