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Renters Insurance

Most renters aren't correctly insured. Renters policies can offer a tremendous amount of coverage, but they also exclude necessary coverages.  More often than not, homeowners are paying for things they don't need and passing up on the coverages they shouldn't go without.

All Renters Policies have 6 Major Coverage Parts:

Coverage A: Covers damage to or destruction of your residence.

Coverage B: Covers damage to or destruction of detached structures.

Coverage C: Covers damage to, destruction of, or theft of personal property.

Coverage D: Covers the added living costs you incur as a result of a loss covered by Coverage A, Coverage B or Coverage C (such as lodging and meals).

Coverage E: Covers non-vehicle personal liability for injuries and property damage at your home.

Coverage F: Covers medical payments to guests injured on your premises, regardless of fault.



A home is one of the most valuable investments that you will have.  In one split second, an accident or natural disaster can result in lawsuits, death, long-term disability, major medical expenses and major property damage.

That's why The Crestwood Agency | Insurance emphasizes setting up an insurance policy tailored specifically to your needs.

Our policy review will focus on 3 important aspects of your homeowners insurance policy:

1) Correct Dwelling Pricing

2) Protections Against Perils

3) Individual & Family Protection

Contact Owner / Agent Jenny Noe for a Personalized Quote Today!


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